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Alto II
Hometown: Sicklerville, NJ 
Major: Undecided

Adia enjoys all things art: Singing (naturally), Theater, Film - you name it! She loves writing and poetry, and can talk about 90s music for hours.
Alto II
Hometown: Half Moon Bay, CA 
Major: Computer Science (BSE)

Marty enjoys cooking, playing ukulele, working out, and learning interesting facts. Marty has been singing and writing songs for as long as  can remember, and loves being able to continue this pursuit with the Wildcats. 
Soprano I
Hometown: Corona, CA 
Major: Environmental Engineering, Certificate in Environmental Studies

Ashley is a junior studying Environmental Engineering with a certificate in Environmental Studies. Catch her under the sun, poking at plants, staring at clouds, or looking for mushrooms. In her free time, she loves to doodle-journal and watercolor, while listening to the absolute brilliance of Adrianne Lenker and Big Thief. 

Alto II
Hometown: Maplewood, NJ
Major: Sociology, Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

I’m addition to being a Wildcat, Danielle is a writer, and documents her experiences and observations on her blog She loves her family (both biological and chosen,) and enjoys reading, running, and activism.
 Soprano II/Alto I
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City
Major: Computer Science

In addition to singing with the Wildcats, Giao can be found working with Theatre Intime and the Daily Princetonian. She has music directed various shows for PUP, and also works with the COS department as a lab TA. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and making digital art!

Soprano II

Hometown: Bay Area, CA

Isa Cebedo is a first year, and she is from the Bay Area, California. She has a **** ton of hobbies, including making clothes, painting, and thrifting. She’s very excited to be with the Wilcats. :))

Soprano I
Hometown: San Francisco, CA 
Major: Politics
When not singing and troublemaking with the Wildcats, Elena is usually making clothes, jewelry, ceramics or dinner for her friends. She studies Politics and Environmental Studies hoping to contribute to the fight against our ecological crisis. She loves soul music and R&B, animals (particularly her pup Apollo), Harry Potter and potatoes in any form ;) She loves Wildcats more than anything, and can't wait for you to come to our next gig and see what we've been cooking up!

Soprano I
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa 
Major: History 

Lauren loves (in no particular order): The Wildcats, waffles, her dog, and taking walks. Outside of The Wildcats, Lauren also sings with the Princeton Chapel Choir and is a part of the Model UN team. When she isn’t at any of those, she’s probably in a library sitting in one of her favorite comfy chairs. 


Alto I, Alto II
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Major: Computer Science

Marina is a sophomore from Philadelphia studying Computer Science! In her free time, she loves rock climbing and spending time with her twin sister :) Singing with the Wildcats is her number one all time favorite thing to do on campus besides sleeping!

Soprano II/Alto I
Hometown: Chicago, IL 
Major: CEE 

Morgan loves singing, dancing (especially tap dancing), reading, color-coding everything in existence, and anything related to Disney. She is in TapCats along with Wildcats, but is surprisingly a dog person. Maybe one day you’ll be able to see the rides she hopes to create as a future Disney Imagineer!

Soprano II/Alto I
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Economics, Certificate in Electronic Music Production

Samara loves singing, playing guitar and piano, and listening to music. When she isn’t cracking jokes with the Wildcats, she is performing with Princeton University Rock Ensemble (PURE) and Child’s Play Improv. Additionally, Samara is a part of Princeton’s Campus and Community Affairs Committee. She absolutely LOVES the Wildcats, and she is so excited for her upcoming adventures with the group! 

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Alto I/Soprano II
Hometown: NJ
Major: School of Public &

International Affairs

Siahra is obsessed with her bike and her dog, likes to experiment in the kitchen, and does lots of arts and crafts. When she’s not with the Wildcats, you can find her performing with the Triangle Club or the Chapel Choir!
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Alto II
Hometown: Montgomery, NJ
Major: Computer Science



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