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Wildcats Fall Tour 2022


Wildcats Fall Tour 2019


For the Wildcats 2019 fall tour, we traveled to 3 major Canadian destinations: Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal! A few highlights of our trip included stopping by Cornell University to sing with a few fellow a cappella groups, performing for St. Clement's all girls school, eating dinner with Princeton alumni at the National Club of Toronto, and performing at St. Patrick's Square retirement home. In between our exciting gig schedule, we enjoyed the vibrant Canadian foliage, tried poutine for the first time, and explored the quaint streets of Montreal. We had such an incredible time touring Canada and are so grateful for all the alumnae and friends who made this tour possible. For more pictures, click HERE!

Wildcats Fall Tour 2018

Wildcats had a fun time traveling to San Francisco this past fall tour! We deeply appreciate all the friends and family who made this tour possible. It was a dream! Check out the video below for a peek into our adventures!

Wildcats Fall Tour 2017


In the fall of 2017, The Wildcats toured in Nashville, Tennessee, traveling down from the home campus in Princeton, NJ!  We had such an amazing time soaking in the sights and sounds of the South! We enjoyed going to the Grand Ole Opry, dining at the local restaurants, eating giant pancakes, barbecue, wings, and more! We performed at the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, singing some of our pop faves for the kids there. Later, we went to Harpeth Hall, a nearby school, for a performance with the school's a cappella group! It was so great to perform at a girl's school and speak to them about their educational aspirations as well as musical interests. Later, we went to the historic Parthenon for a picnic and a photoshoot! We enjoyed the views and the appreciating the artifacts preserved there. At the end of the week, we performed for the Nashville chapter of the Princeton Alumni Association, showcasing over 14 of the songs in our rep! It was amazing to connect with Princeton alums (some of them Wildcat Alumnae) and learn about the history of a cappella at Princeton. We were sad to leave Nashville, but had an amazing time there! 

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